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Stuffed Toys Fabric

stuffed toys fabric

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Boydie 3D

Boydie 3D

Inspired by my paintings, and ambitious beyond belief I made a pattern to make Boydie stuffed toys for the Craft Stall (which is tomorrow!!!). This was the first one. There's another cut and ready to sew but now I have to go and make cupcakes and I don't think there'll be more than this... and Finlay's taken ownership of it so I don't think he'll be for sale either (the boydie, not finlay - finlay's always for sale!!! <-joke)

Toy Ball

Toy Ball

Hand sewn, 6 pieces of fabric, stuffed with polyester stuffing. The two points of conversion of covered and reinforced by butterfly fabric, reinforced with interfacing. Machine and hand stitched.

stuffed toys fabric

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