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Vintage Dinosaur Toys - The Best Toys Of 2011

Vintage Dinosaur Toys

vintage dinosaur toys

  • Dinosaur!, not to be confused with Dinosaurs! or Dinosaur, is an American television documentary about dinosaurs and first aired on CBS in the United States on November 5, 1985.

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Wind-up dinosaurs, 1993

Wind-up dinosaurs, 1993

Spielberg's Jurassic Park turned the regular dinosaurmania into a frenzy in 1993. China was just there, so the streets and homes of the world were invaded by herds of plastic dinosaurs. The Stegosaurus on the left was designed in England and both were made in China, of injected and painted Polystyrene plastic.
The Tyrannosaurus is about 12 cm high.



I won this on ebay recently... don't hate! I love Birdo and I have no clue why. There is a big debate over whether Birdo is actually male or female. It wears a bow and shoots eggs out of its mouth thing so that weighs the debate heavily on the female side... but the early documenation for SMB2 calls it a he.

vintage dinosaur toys

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